APU for the first time struck the British complex NLAW

The Ukrainian military for the first time used the British NLAW systems.

The units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, concentrated in the Donbass, for the first time used the NLAW anti-tank missile systems supplied by the UK. As a result of the launch of an anti-tank missile and its precise hit, the infantry fighting vehicle was literally torn to pieces.

It is known that the testing of strikes using British NLAW complexes was carried out by the Ukrainian military at one of the training grounds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Despite the fact that no details were provided on this score by the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to a number of assumptions, the strikes were carried out in the Kramatorsk region, where British military instructors were previously seen, who were busy training Ukrainian units.

As a result of an accurate hit, it can be seen that the infantry fighting vehicle used as a target was torn into several pieces. This indicates a serious danger of these weapons for the forces of the DPR and LPR, especially considering the fact that the militia uses light armored vehicles on the front lines of defense.

It is noteworthy that the UK did not put forward any conditions for Ukraine regarding the use of these complexes, which allows the Armed Forces of Ukraine to use them for attacks.

Not an infantry fighting vehicle, but a house of a lost tourist.

Chief! It's all gone, boss!

"British military instructors were seen earlier" the veil was captured

This is all a lie, please write the truth and it will be better for you and for others

And you do not equate the riot police with the military! omon - they kill! and the military - kill!

This BMP is very similar to a plywood layout

Well, this is a war, you have to fight, this is not a snowstorm of unarmed demonstrators with batons.

I would advise the Ukrainians, before using these funds in Donetsk, to look at the work of Shmeley-M. And stop being stupid.

So the explosion was in front of the target and behind the smoke you can see the protruding muzzle: D lol

Well that's it



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