APU for the first time made an attempt to storm the outskirts of Lisichansk

The Ukrainian army began to make attempts to storm Lisichansk.

The attacks of the Ukrainian military are carried out from almost all directions that are controlled by the Ukrainian army. Moreover, it is known that a group of 80 Ukrainian servicemen is not only shelling the territory of the city, but also crossing the Seversky Donets River, launching an attack on Lysichansk in order to organize a further breakthrough of the main forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Russian journalists, the situation here is quite difficult. This information is provided by WarGonzo.

According to the information provided, the situation is aggravated by the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine made the first attempt to occupy the Privolnyansky bridgehead, which provides an opportunity for attacks both on Lisichansk itself and on Kremennaya.

“In the Lisichansk direction, from the side of Belogorovka, the enemy, using presumably a group of foreign mercenaries consisting of 80 people, crossed the Seversky Donets River and, with the support of tank fire, tried to wedge into the Privolnyansky bridgehead near Lisichansk”, - report the journalists of "WarGonzo".

It is noted that the Russian military and members of the Wagner PMC managed to drive the Armed Forces of Ukraine out of this area, however, given the forces of the Ukrainian army accumulated here, subsequent attacks may turn out to be much more fierce.


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