For the first time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces used American missile systems in Donbass

The Ukrainian Armed Forces began to use American weapons in the Donbass.

A few hours ago, it became known that the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine first attacked the positions of the DPR forces with the help of American weapons previously supplied to Ukraine. Thus, according to information available to the news agency, the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired at least one shot from the American TOW anti-tank missile system, resulting in casualties and wounded by the DPR People's Militia.

According to the information provided, Ukrainian soldiers fired at the territory of the village of Krasny Partizan, located near Donetsk, while the use of mortars and at least one TOW missile system is reported. The latter, taking into account objective information, was used in Donbass for the first time, while experts do not exclude that striking the positions of the DPR People's Militia forces was carried out under the control of NATO instructors, who, by the way, arrived in Ukraine a few days ago.

At the moment, there is information that as a result of the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at least one serviceman was killed, while three more were injured of various degrees of severity.

So far, there are no official comments from Kiev on this matter.

Because Russia takes a position of non-interference. In other words, betrayal.

Well, why are these instructors still alive with their equipment?