Ukrainian Armed Forces drove four battalions into an encirclement in the west of Bakhmut

Four battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ended up in a pocket in the west of Bakhmut.

Against the backdrop of an intensive offensive by Russian troops on Bakhmut, it became known that Ukrainian troops, numbering about 3 thousand people, including foreign mercenaries, ended up in a pocket in the west of Bakhmut. In the event of a successful offensive by Russian units from the south and north, the latter will be squeezed and actually crushed by superior forces - there is no opportunity to defend here, since defensive positions were not built here.

It is known that in addition to the Ukrainian units located on the territory of Bakhmut itself, at least one more battalion of Ukrainian troops was transferred from the western direction to the western outskirts of the city. Taking into account the fact that Russian troops are conducting an active offensive from the north and southwest, four battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actually in the boiler.

To date, Russian units manage to successfully advance in Bakhmut. Moreover, as it became known, including from the south, however, the Armed Forces of Ukraine still control most of the city, although they are being squeezed into the western part of Bakhmut.


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