Ukrainian Armed Forces Capture Iranian Mohajer-6 Attack Drone Using US Titan System

Over the drone, control was intercepted with the help of the American Titan electronic warfare system.

It is known that the unmanned aerial vehicle carried guided bombs and was preparing to strike, but entered the zone of influence of the American Titan electronic warfare system, after which control was intercepted over the drone and the latter was planted on the ground, although it received damage to the propeller during landing.

This is the second Iranian Mohajer-6 drone that was captured by the Ukrainian military in the past two weeks, but the first almost complete copy of the drone, including with aerial bombs. The absence on the fuselage of the Iranian drone of any traces of destruction by means of fire influence confirms the data that the drone was intercepted precisely by means of electronic warfare.

At the moment, Israel is extremely interested in studying the captured Iranian drone, and IDF specialists have already left for the area where the aircraft is located.

Tehran does not comment on the capture of a drone, however, today this is the second case of the capture of such a drone, and if information about the vulnerability of such drones to electronic warfare is confirmed, this could become a very serious problem.


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