APU occupied the heights on the outskirts of Svatovo

Ukrainian troops occupied the heights on the outskirts of Svatovo.

Russian military journalists report that the Ukrainian military, entered the territory of the settlement Grekovka, occupied important heights on the outskirts of Svatovo. At the moment, there is no high activity here, however, this creates additional risks and gives the Armed Forces of Ukraine a tactical advantage in case the Ukrainian troops really plan to attack Svatovo.

It is known that Ukrainian troops use the heights for shelling the eastern direction, however, they cannot move further in this direction due to the actions of the Russian military. There are reports of skirmishes taking place in the area across the Zherebets River, but so far there is no evidence that Ukrainian forces can move in that direction.

Today, there are very serious risks that Ukrainian troops will try to attack Svatovo, thereby blocking, among other things, access to Kremennaya, however, given the defense built around this settlement, experts believe that an attack in this direction is unlikely be carried out and therefore we can talk about creating a distracting environment.


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