Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a powerful attack on Donetsk


The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a powerful attack on Donetsk, delivering powerful strikes within 5 hours

Ukraine bombed Donetsk and its environs for five hours.

The Ukrainian armed forces launched a powerful attack on Donetsk, bombing the outskirts of the capital of the self-proclaimed republic at dawn. According to Ukrainian sources, the strikes were carried out using grenade launchers, infantry fighting vehicles, small arms, mortars and artillery. As a result of the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there is serious destruction, and according to Ukrainian media resources, there are significant losses in the ranks of the DNDN forces.

“At 05:50, the security forces of Kiev covered the village of Aleksandrovka in the west of Donetsk with fire from BMP-2 weapons. Fired 30 shots, grenade launchers were also used. The shooting was carried out from the side of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Marinka area. The fire was conducted from 120 mm mortars. At 122:08, Staromikhaylovka was struck from the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of 40-mm caliber. According to the DPR defense department, the Ukrainian troops fired 5 rounds with a caliber of 122 mm. At 09:42, shelling from the Ukrainian Armed Forces of the village of Staromikhaylovka resumed, ”the sources say.

The current attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Donetsk and its outskirts has become one of the most massive in recent years, although earlier official Kiev announced that it had no intentions to conduct an offensive operation in Donbass and even attack the forces of the LPR.

Shelling of Donetsk and its outskirts was carried out this morning, which indicates the fact that the situation in Donbass is by no means settled, but only aggravated, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to pull their heavy equipment into the demarcation zone.

Why is Donetsk not responding to these attacks?

And where is the "powerful shelling" here?