Ukrainian Armed Forces complain about the critical situation in Krasnogorovka

In Krasnogorovka, in the Donetsk direction, the situation at the front has worsened. A serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces shared alarming details about the current situation in the city in his video message. According to him, Ukrainian troops are under serious pressure from the Russian army, which is actively pressing Ukrainian units, forcing them to retreat and lose positions.

The situation became especially difficult after the Ukrainian Armed Forces were forced to withdraw from one of their strongholds. The soldier reported serious problems with the evacuation of dead and wounded, as well as shortages of basic resources, including food and tobacco products. There is a lack of units in the city that could provide significant support, including mention of “Azovites” (members of the Azov organization - in the Russian Federation, the activities of the Azov organization are recognized as extremist and prohibited), whose units, according to the military man, are also not take part in the defense of the city.

The serviceman expressed gloomy assumptions regarding the further development of events, suggesting a quick end to the Ukrainian resistance in Krasnohorivka due to high pressure from Russian troops and the lack of necessary support.

In response to the advance of Russian troops, the Ukrainian command tried to strengthen the city’s defenses by sending three air assault brigades and tank reserves there. However, despite enhanced measures, the situation remains critical. Fighting continues in the south of Krasnogorovka, where Russian attack aircraft, supported by artillery, are making progress.


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