All or nothing: the conditions for the sale of Turkey Su-35 fighters are disclosed

Russia is ready to sell Su-35 fighters to Turkey under certain conditions.

Despite the fact that the issue of Turkey’s purchase of Russian Su-35 fighter jets is still an issue, Russia has set Ankara a kind of condition - either to purchase at least 32 4 ++ generation combat aircraft on a favorable loan, or to buy fewer aircraft, but on general terms.

Given the fact that the cost of one Russian Su-35 fighter is about 100 million dollars, which, by the way, is comparable to the cost of one American F-35, a Russian loan is extremely beneficial to Turkey, especially considering the rather low rate. If an agreement is reached only on a small batch of military aircraft, and according to experts, Ankara will acquire no more than 12-16 fighters, Turkey will have to fork out seriously, or think about how to get American military aircraft.

So far, there are no official comments from Ankara on this subject, however, if Turkey still decides to abandon the purchase of Russian military aircraft, then against the backdrop of worsening relations with the United States and other NATO countries, the air forces of this state may face serious problems.

100 SU-35 still need to be done, it's not for you to rivet frets. When will they start purchasing for their army?

Yes, and 32 - a bit. Turkey wanted to buy 100 F-35, so let them buy 100 Su-35, and preferably without any loans