The second serial fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces Su-57 took off for the first time

The second Russian serial fighter Su-57 took off for the first time.

Domestic aircraft manufacturers have completed the assembly of the second production copy of the Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighter, having lifted the combat aircraft into the air. The first production copy crashed during a test flight last year, but this version may well become the first fifth-generation combat aircraft in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces in the very near future.

“As promised, the second first serial Su-57 took off today over Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Earlier, the first flight of the fifth generation aircraft was announced at the end of October. Have time. Why the second first serial? Because the first serial crashed on December 24 last year, after which the Su-57 flights were suspended for more than 10 months. Recall that KnAAZ is currently executing a state contract for the supply of 76 aircraft to equip three aviation regiments of the Aerospace Forces. The first aircraft should be delivered to the troops by the end of the year. The very first flight of the PAK FA, as the Su-57 was still called at that time, took place almost 11 years ago - on January 29, 2010 ", - about it сообщает Russian information resource ""

Experts believe that by the end of this year, the combat aircraft will still be transferred to the Russian Aerospace Forces, however, despite this fact, the plan for the supply of Russian fifth generation fighters to the troops is still thwarted - instead of the two combat aircraft planned for delivery, the Russian Aerospace Forces will receive only one, which raises a number of questions as to what exactly led to the problems with the construction of fighters.

Simply staggering pace of production !!!!! One plane a year !!!! Stalin and Brezhnev turned over a hundred times in a coffin ,,, From pride in our military-industrial complex, they will soon break their breasts ,,

One plane a year ... ONE, Karl ... This is the 'power' of the Russian military-industrial complex ...
I hope this one can fly

What nonsense:
"... the second first serial Su-57 took off today ..."
It can be either the FIRST production aircraft or the SECOND production aircraft! And this regardless of whether the FIRST crashed or not!