The invasion of the American ship "John McCain" into Russian territorial waters forced the Pentagon to make excuses

The flight of the American ship John McCain from Russian territorial waters forced the American military to make excuses.

The incident with the invasion of the American warship "John McCain" not only demonstrated the readiness of the Russian military to ensure the security of its own borders, but also to justify the American side for its actions related not only to the failed attempt to violate Russian territorial waters, but also to the fact that the American missile destroyer generally went to such a provocation - it could have been destroyed without warning, and this would have been done by the Russian military in strict observance of international law.

“The situation at that time was more tense than it might seem at first glance. A Russian warship blocked the path of the American destroyer and demanded by radio communication to immediately leave the territorial waters of the Russian Federation. The situation has escalated to the limit. The US made a public statement of accusations against Russia. They stated that the Russian military had no legal basis to conduct such maneuvers. Americans interpret international law as it suits them and often use it to justify their actions. "- reports the publication "Sohu", drawing attention to the fact that Washington is faced with a very serious problem and in the near future is unlikely to try to arrange new provocations.

It should be noted that the incident in the Peter the Great Gulf was so serious that Russia was ready to attack the American destroyer.

And now we need to decide who is the weak link?

Again, everything is the same, no decisive action on the part of the Russian Federation. Snot chewed and to the side. They are afraid that private secret accounts will be blocked, and even worse, canceled. And the children will be escorted back to the Russian Federation.

In the Black Sea, it is necessary to observe not English maritime law, but Russian maritime law.

Escape of the American ship "John McCain" from Russian territorial waters

with a failed attempt to violate Russian territorial waters,

Doesn't it contradict one another?

Remember 1941. When the Nazi planes allegedly by mistake crossed the borders of the USSR, and flew to us "by mistake."

There was a similar situation - they wiped themselves off again!

Thanks, laughed

They were supposed to patch holes in the case and not make excuses! Tired of this lebiralism!

McCain visited us in November 2020. What have you suddenly remembered, confused the year?

To begin with, it was necessary to cut the entire superstructure with a radar out of 630, and then send it to feed for the dull.