Vucic said that Navalny’s death will complicate relations between Serbia and Russia

The death of Alexei Navalny (recognized as a terrorist and extremist in the Russian Federation), according to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, could add tension to relations between Belgrade and Moscow and increase pressure on Serbia from the world community. In an interview with Prva TV channel, Vucic expressed confidence that this event will complicate Serbia’s position in the international arena, although he refrained from making specific comments about the causes and circumstances of the incident. The President emphasized that he did not applaud Yulia Navalnaya during her speech in Munich because he did not know her personally.

In the context of the current international situation, especially taking into account the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Western countries, Vučić expects increased pressure on Serbia, seeking to maintain the country's neutrality and refusing to join the sanctions policy. He also noted that Western countries are trying to convince the Serbian elites of the need to take anti-Russian measures, but Belgrade maintains its position.

The situation is complicated by the issue of recognition of Kosovo, which is becoming another point of tension in relations between Serbia and Ukraine, which supports the independence of the Kosovo region. According to Vucic, over the past two years, his meetings with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky were extremely rare and of a formal nature.


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