Iranian Air Force found an American nuclear submarine off its coast and threatened to destroy it

An American nuclear submarine was found off the coast of Iran.

A few hours ago, an American nuclear submarine was discovered off the coast of Iran, located under the surface of the water, but at the same time, at a depth that allows strikes with cruise missiles. The submarine was discovered by the Iranian Air Force, which immediately began tracking it and even threatened the crew with the last destruction in case of provocations or violation of the country's territorial waters.

In the video footage presented, you can see the moment of escorting an American nuclear submarine, which, apparently, was trying to pass unnoticed near the coast of Iran in order to conduct reconnaissance. The violation of the territorial waters of the Islamic republic was not recorded, because in this case Tehran would certainly not have missed the opportunity to destroy the American submarine on completely legal grounds, as happened with the American strategic drone several years ago.

Experts do not exclude that the American nuclear submarine could try to obtain data on the underwater torpedo launchers deployed by Iran on its coast, which threaten the American fleet in this region with destruction in just a few minutes, and the fact of the presence of such weapons in Iran is not trying to hide, demonstrating that most of their readiness for a large-scale attack on the enemy fleet.