Israel Air Force destroyed at least one Syrian air defense system S-200

Israeli fighters managed to easily destroy the most important S-200 positions in Syria.

Despite the fact that as a result of the raid of Israeli fighters on Syria, it was possible to successfully destroy 10 of the 12 cruise missiles fired, it became known that two missiles successfully struck the most important SAA air defense positions in the Homs area, destroying at least one anti-aircraft missile complex S-200.

In the presented satellite image, you can see the areas in which the S-200 air defense systems of the Syrian army were destroyed. Despite the fact that satellite images do not provide high definition, information on this matter has been confirmed by a number of sources.

“The Israeli Air Force launched an attack on Syria with the aim of destroying an air defense facility located about 8 km south of the center of Homs. The consequences of this raid are recorded on satellite images. An Israeli newspaper reported that there is at least one S-200 long-range anti-aircraft missile system produced during the Soviet era on the aforementioned battlefield, and that it was the target of an Israeli airstrike. The 5N62 S-200 fire control radar and at least one 5P72 launcher were hit. The source added that Israel also hit an unidentified target along the highway connecting the city of Homs with the city of Tripoli in northern Lebanon. ", - reports the publication "DatViet"

It should be noted that the Syrian air defense systems deployed in the suburb of Homs ensured the protection of Syrian territory at the Tiyas airbase and it is they who control the Syrian airspace in the southeast of the country, from where the Israeli military has also been striking recently.

Very low quality photo. And therefore it is completely unconvincing.

The Jews are amazed at what Putin will allow them. In Syria, however, it is necessary to supply newer air defense systems, an order of magnitude better than the S-200. Moreover, the S-500 is on its way)

Sasha and Andryusha! So you understand. ATS standard statistics. Maybe there were only two missiles fired. But according to statistics, 10 out of 12. In the place of Assad, I would increase. For example. Israel fired 24 missiles, while the C200 shot down 22.

As follows from the article and previous articles - 10 out of 12 missiles were shot down, but at the same time 3 targets were destroyed ... How to understand this?

I don’t understand the Israelis, did they want something in the neighborhood?

This goal was a fake of how to inflate tanks

Those 10 were blanks for spending enemy air defense assets.