DPRK Air Force ready to conduct military operations

North Korea declared full readiness of the country's Air Force to repel attacks by opponents.

Information about this appeared in one of the local media, and, to the best of aviation portal Avia.pro sources, air force North Korea have, at least five dozen military fighter, and despite the fact that planes are very advanced age, they are fully equipped for combat operations on its territory and in enemy territory.

It is necessary to clarify that the new scandal between North and South Korea broke out last week, and despite all the attempts to resolve it by peaceful means, according to experts, only a heightening of the nervous situation will be noted in the near future.

Most of the military aircraft that are in service with the DPRK, according to experts, are morally and physically obsolete, since they were used in 50 - 60-s of the last century, and apart from timely maintenance, they were unlikely to be modernized.


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