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Peruvian Air Force got the right to shoot down drug traffickers

The Peruvian Air Force was officially given permission to destroy the aircraft of drug traffickers.

Starting this week, any airplane evoking suspicion from the air force and air defense forces of Peru, and not responding to inquiries, can be shot down. Such measures were introduced by the authorities of the country due to the increased volume of drug traffic passing through the territory of the country, and in addition, the experience of other countries, in particular Venezuela, shows that such measures allow not only to ensure the security of the airspace of the state, but also to reduce the level of drug trafficking.

Nevertheless, according to the resource, a number of specialists have reacted negatively to such actions, and there is a very good reason for this - in 2001, the Peruvian Air Force destroyed a light-engine aircraft carrying missionaries from the United States, which in its The turn caused a loud political scandal between the two countries, which led to the ban on the destruction of even suspicious aircraft.


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