Fighter T-50


Russian Air Force will receive a T-fighter in 50 2017 year

Russian fighter jets T-50 will go on air in 2017 year.

According to the information portal, the latest tests of the latest Russian 5 fighter jets are currently underway, and at the end of next year, these aircraft will be partially distributed among the country's Air Force departments, while deliveries of aircraft to the Armed Forces will start at the beginning of 2017.

It is worthwhile to clarify that earlier it was assumed that these modern aircraft will be delivered to the Air Force of Russia in 2016, but in the end it was decided to conduct a number of tests that will make it possible to better understand the capabilities of this technique so that later the emergence of such a need, it was possible to make an appropriate modernization of these aircraft.

The first flight of Russian fighter 5-generation took place in 2010, after which the aircraft has become subject to various kinds of tests, and eventually surpassed most expectations.


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