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US Air Force scanned the wrong radars of Russian S-400s in Syria for two years

The two-year mission of the US military in Syria has failed miserably.

After it became known that the US military had been trying to gain access to the radars of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems deployed in Syria for two years, it became known that all this time the US military had not been scanning those radars, which indicates a completely failed mission.

At the moment, it is known that the radars of the Russian S-400s operate in a completely passive mode, and the allegedly existing responses to the approach of foreign military aircraft to Russian military bases on the territory of the Arab Republic are only the activation of the radars of the S-300 complexes - as at the airbase of the Russian Aerospace Forces "Khmeimim" and the base of the Russian Navy in Tartus, and the Syrian complexes located near Masyaf.

According to experts, due to the closely located areas of the S-400 and S-300 air defense systems, the American military all this time tried to receive signals from the Russian Triumphs, but at the same time they mistakenly received data from the S-300 air defense systems, which were launched in active mode. , imitating the operation of the S-400 complexes.

Apparently, a similar situation is observed in the Crimea, where also American electronic and electronic reconnaissance planes tried to obtain information about the work of Russian air defense systems.

Experts note that the operation of the S-400 in a passive mode does not at all mean that Russian air defense systems are not put on alert, since in the event of real threats, the operation of the complexes will be instantly switched to active mode.

Ha, 1. Export and domestic air defense systems differ not only in the frequency range and truncated characteristics of missiles. Domestic Russian complexes have another mode of operation, which is activated only during combat time. It is forbidden to turn it on in peacetime during firing practice and when tracking a target. Well, no one canceled the work in the complex, when you receive target designation not from your own antennas, but from the central control post with your tracking equipment

you need to change frequencies, and not sit passively

Why do you need it?

The algorithms are different. Normal process S-300 "highlights", S-400 calculates matamatics.

But what about the S-400 in Turkey? Does the active mode not turn on there too?

But what about the Turkish S-400?
They have been studied in detail long ago.
Or does the export version use other radars?