US military base


US Air Force begins construction of a new air base in northern Syria

The US military began deploying a new military air base in Syria.

The need to maintain its influence in Syria forced the US military to begin the construction of new military facilities on the territory of this Arab republic. At the moment, it is known that 8 kilometers from the city of Al-Yarubiya, the construction of an American military air base has begun, where it is planned to deploy combat helicopters, while it is also likely that a runway will be built to transfer military transport aircraft to the region for delivery military personnel, weapons, ammunition and other resources, while the US military did not declare their intentions to build their military facilities in the region, which, obviously, indicates some secrecy.

Judging by satellite imagery, the area fenced for the construction of a military air base will be really very large and it is planned to place a runway, covered hangars for equipment and build barracks for military personnel. The estimated number of military personnel at the new US air base can reach 500 people.

“According to local sources in Al-Hasaka province, the US military is creating a new air base to strengthen its presence in northeast Syria. It is reported that a military airfield is located in the area between the village of Umm Kahif and the granaries of Tel Alo, which are located 8 km south of Al-Yarubiya. Sources said that military and logistical equipment was delivered to a new site, on which new concrete barriers and barracks for American troops are now installed. ”, - reports the Al-Masdar News edition.

American. Law. Nobody drove them out. Sanctions of the Russian Federation did not even enter.

I wonder what is the legal status of this base?