Cruise missile


US Air Force bought missiles to destroy C-400 without risk

The US Air Force was able to destroy C-400 positions without risk.

According to official information provided by the command of the United States Air Force, an agreement was signed with the American corporation Lockheed Martin to supply the US Air Force with new air-to-surface missiles. AGM-158C LRASMwhich are capable of hitting land and sea targets at distances up to 930 kilometers. Due to the low radar visibility, the latest American missiles can hit even the positions of the Russian Triumph C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, which are by far the most long-range on the planet.

AGM-158C LRASM missiles are positioned as anti-ship missiles, however, according to information provided by the US Air Force command, they are also supposed to be used for delivering high-precision attacks on ground targets, and therefore, experts did not rule out that we can talk about the Russian air defense missile systems -400 "Triumph" and promising C-500 "Prometheus".

According to experts, the appearance in the US Air Force of such missiles is definitely associated with a number of risks for Russia.

“The appearance of the AGM-158C LRASM missiles in service with the US Air Force casts doubt on the effectiveness of the Russian C-400“ Triumph ”. In fact, American aircraft will be able to attack the positions of Russian air defense / anti-missile systems without putting themselves under attack, and given the great military power of these missiles, even with the accuracy of getting plus or minus 30 meters, the position of the air defense missile system can be destroyed. ”, - the analyst notes.

It is you who judge by what parameters or you know their army well

I fully agree with the great steel, who left their posts under this vile glueing. About the supposedly super-duper weapons of the Pindos. On my own behalf, I propose simply to shower the cowardly amers with their hats. Let them go, who did not have time to wear diapers when they see our C-1000.

Low radar visibility is not a monopoly of one country. As the naive dream of unpunished strikes against the positions of the air defense system. In this case, we will put off a couple of aircraft carriers from which phantoms will fly. Moreover, it is for them that they are invisible. Well, let them think so ...)

These rockets did not destroy anything, where is the proof? Another fake to stop our sales of C-400.C-300

And that this is the Stalinist USSR. I was not there and was not born in those times. So that my friend to boast of what I did not see. I did not know was not possible. I couldn’t boast of today's and tomorrow's Russia.

Do not forget about inflatable layouts emitting the same signal of combat complexes.

It’s not us that you old USSR people pissed. Not saved. Leaving us the prospect of survival and spinning as you can. And in those years we had not even finished school yet.

If you have chicken or glass in your pants ... then you say so, and better, just in case, pick up the PAMPERS!

torment nuclear dust to swallow if they dare to shoot down C-400

When will you stop boasting of Stalin's USSR?
You, the modern generation, pissed away all the achievements of the ancestors, and the country itself.
You trust what was created by great difficulty and great sacrifices.
The modern army is capable only of ceremonial show-off and not to fight.

And we will simply sit in the bushes like this, leaving the combat positions of the installed Russian systems C-400 and C-500, and observe for several tens of minutes how American missiles fly from the distance 900 km and then, up to 30 m, hit our objects ? Can we still shoot them down? And these systems, as well as the "Torah" and "Pantsiri" we have for what? Just like that, scarecrow toys?

The strange position of the journal AVIA.PRO. Each article describes the charm and advantages of American, Chinese and other weapons over Russia. And our native tries to belittle. Forgetting that almost all weapons of China are copied from weapons of the USSR and Russia. And Americans have a lot what was stolen. And as for the new US missiles capable of destroying C-400, let them try. And I would like to wish the editors of the magazine enough to write for overseas orders Try to write truthfully and realistically.

On submarines. Arguably close to the border of any country.

With the Island of Freedom, it's somehow not clear ... What are they waiting for with open arms?

The top ten!

In the old days, the United States flew to the moon on which rocket engines it was not clear. Now even a couple of people now throw a problem into orbit for the USA. There was also a scare story about SOI. Suddenly, there were superracket from nowhere.

Straight and dreaming. Alaska is exactly under the gun. Take an interest for a change, where the island of Ratmanova is located. And with Cuba ... The question is what to lose. Pindos have become unsafe - their missile defense system is thrust at their sides.

When the European team, led by Hitler, attacked us, they were sure of success on all 1000%, and the economy of that Europe was several times higher and more technologically advanced than in the USSR, which is what we know. During global wars, it’s not entirely correct to take into account peacetime economy. Strong is the country that is self-sufficient in all types of weapons, which can independently produce and provide for the needs of the army and the rear, well, of course, the people who inhabit this country and its territory. Even this is enough to consider our country as a superpower. Well, what about our generation, so we are descendants of the winner of the soldier. Yes, and in modern conflicts, our soldiers behave with dignity. Remember the feat 6 company 76 airborne division, I think that with the feat of these guys modern Russia began. And we have a lot of such people. The move of the pilot, Mr. Filippov, also says a lot. So that modern youth, if not confound the memory of our grandfathers. Genes are not going anywhere.

Well, bought, well, great. Let's see the end result!

Maybe I am confusing something, but, if memory serves, then several cruise missiles, including the declared ones, were delivered to Moscow.

But there is still no alternative to С400.

This nonsense has already been heard. In poker played.

From what С400 will not bring down this rocket, it is not clear.

Will place, for example, underwater nuclear land mines. And maybe - already posted.
There are no intractable questions.

This fake is needed in order for the United States so that there are no more queues for the 400 and buy their crackers. fight for client money, mani, mani.

Victor, do not disgrace the namesake and the boat off the coast is that !!!!! and even a cube !!! WAKE UP AND DON'T SLEEP !!!

The Pentagon is a huge armaments business and a guarantor of global US control through 1000 military bases located around the world. The US military budget is more than 3 times the state budget of all Russia. Are they able to achieve their military goals in the territories of Russia? As they say - you will not try you will not learn. Yes, historically, we defeated Napoleon, Hitler, that is, the European national team twice, but then the people were different, God fearing and ready for self-sacrifice for the sake of the Motherland. Today, most of the rich and wealthy people with their families live in the West. We are weaker than ever before.

Consoles themselves with fairy tales. If everything would be so simple! Took and picked up a missile against the C-400! Naive ...

therefore, there is such a concept as echeloned air defense, where near lines cover the Torah and Pantsiri

And if you disable GPS, then where will these missiles fly?

Everything here is clear - to scare C-400 buyers and launder money on an order. America! Your endless taxing taxis!

Well, yes, of course C-400 stands alone and without protection, who writes such articles knows what order and protection of these complexes?

Bought from surfers

I agree with you ... you can not believe anyone: trust, but verify!

Well, yes, and the SRA is just a pillar, from which it is foolish to wait for a response))) Something like this

VV Putin clever, and you so-called anolyteks bullshit!

Ie the position of the cubes on this issue, you have already clarified? Who blurted out?

Good luck to them))
Only here is the quandary ...
Speed ​​AGM-158C LRASM A - subsonic.
AGM-158C LRASM B - approx. Xnum max.
So at best, max speed will be approx. 900 m / s.
And C-400 has missiles designed to intercept targets with speeds up to 4 800 m / s.
and if AGM-158C LRASM is positioned as a weapon to combat C - 400, then the range in 900 km does not matter))
not talking about the frantic cost of these missiles.
and so let them spend ... there will be less money for really actual problems)))

Well, that's great! Purchased and rejoice, like an ostrich who, running away from the chase, hid his head stupid in the ground ...

Something seems to me that the small strait divides us, or I am greatly mistaken. And yes, there seems to be some kind of construction that would start with why.

When did the Japanese manage to occupy their islands?

Cruise missiles with low ESR have long existed since the C-300 and C-400 have been created specifically for combat, including with these goals. These systems are designed to destroy aerodynamic, ballistic targets with their massive use, flying, including at low and extremely low altitudes, in conditions of the use of various interference by the enemy. And if we are talking about C300 and С400 air defense missile systems, then we should not confuse the term "Anti-aircraft missile system, ie, air defense system and the concept of anti-aircraft missile system ZSR is a big difference in fire capabilities and noise immunity."

We fought the Japs not in Japan, but on the islands they occupied (on Sakhalin, for example), and in other territories, including in Korea and China. So this war was as liberating as the Great Patriotic War.

As soon as there appeared an interest in our С400 from foreign countries, so how could these missiles come from? What a coincidence, however ...

nowhere can our missiles be placed near the borders of the United States. And Nehru fantasize. For only a fool Dumka rich.

Believe not promises and contracts can not be. History has to teach us a long time. Germany attacked the USSR because of the existence of a non-assault pact. NATO and the United States promised Gorby that after the withdrawal of troops from the GDR, the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the unification of Germany, NATO will not move to the borders of the Russian Federation, well, where are all these promises ??? The Japs are angry at us, that we are going to war against them, so the new prime minister will come ... forget the promises.

Pindos have so many weapons and airplanes that they can fly a compass like in World War II and without special organization achieve goals. And their agents and sailors in our territory rosiavit. Or make a local zhps. In the role of satellites ships. WE NEED TO BUILD SU 57 AND ARMATS. and we also have software 3 PIECES EXHIBITS. When China and the United States have completed the fifth generation 200%. Mara Bogdyasaryan does not allow to allocate the necessary amount of money for their production and does not agree to sell Almaty cheaper (I cant !! I am breathing nebyvaet !!! Stolko is worth a beryeeee tank !!).