Fighter F-35


Ukrainian Air Force was left without French "Rafale" and American F-35

Ukraine is preparing for the modernization of equipment

Ukraine is more and more in need of repair and modernization of aircraft power plants, and recently, a big press interest was fueled by an application for their repair.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the need to repair the complex electrode regulators KRD-99B and aircraft engines RD-33, AL-31F.

Only since the beginning of the year, the tender for the modernization of aircraft power plants has become so far only the second, the customer of which is military unit A0215. But at the same time, the only certified enterprise in Ukraine for the repair of such engines is the Lutsk Repair Plant "Motor", so the tender is just a formality.

Also, the order for the modernization suggests that the country's Air Force is going to continue to use Soviet-built combat aircraft "instead of focusing on the possibility of updating the aircraft fleet by purchasing Western fighters."

And although according to plans for 2035, the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force announced "the possible receipt by Ukraine of fifth-generation F-35 American fighters in the medium term," apparently the Ukrainian Air Force will be left without French Rafals and American F-35s.

Thus, the repair of engines and regulators in Ukraine is necessary to improve the country's aviation potential, and, as a consequence, the defense capability, however, it is not yet known how much this will be possible to implement.