Ukrainian Air Force has 25 more Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters

About 30 combat aircraft remained in service with Ukraine.

Despite the fact that most of the military infrastructure of Ukraine was disabled or destroyed, there is evidence that the Ukrainian Air Force has almost 30 more combat aircraft, including Su-25 attack aircraft, MiG-29 and Su- 27, as well as 30 Mi-24 and Mi-8 helicopters. Similar information was announced by the Fighterbomber Telegram channel.

According to the data presented, the Ukrainian Air Force still has a fairly large number of combat aircraft and helicopters. The total number of manned combat aircraft in service with the Ukrainian Air Force is about 60 units.

“The picture of the airspace is provided by about 30 locators of all stripes and NATO Awaks from the territory of Romania and Poland + reconnaissance aircraft and UAVs from the Black Sea. Aviation is represented by two and a half dozen Su-27P / UB and MiG-29, which are on duty in turn outside the zone of destruction of our air defense systems and our fighters under the cover of their air defense systems. There are five Su-25s and 30 Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters. And there are a little more than a dozen Bayraktars. All Su-24M/MR and the remnants of S-125M1 appear to have been completely destroyed.”, - said in the publication.

It is not known how reliable such data are, since this information has not been documented, however, Ukrainian military aviation continues to fly in the airspace controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This indicates that the APU really has fighters, attack aircraft and helicopters.