The British Air Force threatening to "fight with Putin's fighters," did not have time to intercept Russian aircraft

The British Air Force experienced the greatest disgrace in its entire existence.

The British Royal Air Force, considered one of the best in the world, whose capabilities are "to deal with Putin's planes" the previous Prime Minister of this country Teresa May boasted, unexpectedly experienced great shame, being late for intercepting Russian long-range Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft, practicing a strike at the British fleet - British fighters appeared in the sky even when Russian military aircraft successfully left this area.

“Two UK Typhoon fighters on Friday flew from Lossimuth air base in Scotland to identify and escort the“ long-range Russian military aircraft ”that flew international airspace north of Scotland, the Royal Air Force said. However, they did not have time to make an “interception". According to the British military, "Russian planes laid back before entering the United Kingdom flight information area north of Scotland, and as a result no interception was required." To ensure the duration of the flights of the British fighters, they were accompanied by the Voyager tanker (Voyager), which rose from Bryza Norton air base in England. ”, - about it сообщает Interfax Edition.

Specialists, in turn, draw attention to the fact that, in reality, Russian long-range anti-submarine aircraft approached the area of ​​identification of the air defense systems of this country, in connection with which, such a statement by the British military command is only an excuse, which is also hinted at by the media of other member countries military alliance, noting that the Royal Air Force lost its potential.

It should be clarified that in some areas of the flight, the Russian Tu-142 was accompanied by Norwegian and US Air Force fighters.