As a result of an accurate hit of 152 mm. projectile, only the tower survived from the BMP-3

As a result of a direct shot from a 152 mm. caliber, only the tower survived from the BMP-3.

Despite the fact that the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle (according to open sources, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with 4 such combat vehicles - ed.) has much more advanced protection. This military equipment turned out to be completely useless for countering artillery strikes. As a result of a direct hit in the front of the combat vehicle 152-mm. ammunition, only the turret of the BMP-3 survived.

On the presented video frames, you can see the consequences of a direct hit by a 152-mm ammunition fired by an unknown artillery mount. As follows from the presented frames, the ammunition hit the front of the infantry fighting vehicle and literally pierced it through. As a result of this, the ammunition load of the BMP-3 was detonated and the turret was torn off the combat vehicle, which, in fact, only survived.

As a result of hitting 152 mm. ammunition, the armored body of the BMP-3 was literally torn apart. At the same time, the fate of the crew of the armored combat vehicle is unknown, since, judging by the grass that grew around it, the infantry fighting vehicle was destroyed quite a long time ago, presumably in April or early May, however. the source does not indicate in which particular area this infantry fighting vehicle was hit.

To date, infantry fighting vehicles are in service with 15 countries of the world and are considered a very effective weapon.