Elections in Belarus 2020: military equipment and army began to be sent to Minsk

With the beginning of the elections in Belarus, military equipment began to be brought to Minsk.

Belarus is preparing for large-scale protests amid the presidential elections starting in the country today. As it became known, the situation in Minsk and in a number of other large cities of the country has become very tense, in particular, significant military forces have been seen being pulled into the Belarusian capital, and this is not only about military personnel, but also about armored vehicles.

Despite the fact that Minsk officially denied preparations for dispersing protests in the country amid the elections, the video footage that appeared on the Web shows how a large convoy of military equipment, including army tractors, military trucks and buses, went to the capital the night before. with the military. Apparently, Minsk is preparing for serious protests, however, there are no official comments on this yet.

At the moment, the main leadership in the presidential race in Belarus is held by the current President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, however, the latter's rating has dropped significantly, which, obviously, the opposition intends to take advantage of.

It should be clarified that the last serious protest action related to the presidential elections in Belarus took place in 2010 - then the protesters tried to storm into the building of the Belarusian government, however, the protests were suppressed by the forces of law and order.