The release of Ryanair on the Russian market is postponed to September of the year 2014

Irish Airlines Ryanair, one of the most famous low-cost carriers in Europe was forced to postpone the opening of the St. Petersburg-Dublin airline indefinitely, although initially the first flight from Russia to Ireland was scheduled for April 1. The reasons for the delay are not disclosed, but apparently they are connected with some bureaucratic moments, as well as agreements between Ryanair and the airport "Pulkovo", Which will accept Irish aircraft.

Ryanair was assigned to fly Dublin - Moscow and Dublin - St. Petersburg in the fall of 2013. The Irish, along with EasyJet, are leaders in terms of budget flights, in which the cost of the flight is reduced by minimizing the cost of passenger services. These airlines and their flights are very popular among students, tourists with a small budget, as well as passengers, ascetics, who do not need much comfort, preferring to travel on the principle of "cheap and cheerful." In addition, Ryanair aircraft are accustomed to be serviced very quickly at airports, spending 30-40 minutes for operational points, which is not typical of most carriers.

Of course, this kind of carriers can dump prices, create serious competition for expensive flights, as now a very popular type of travel becomes independent travel without using the services of travel agencies that are used to working with medium and high-price airlines. Therefore, it is not surprising that low-budget European airlines are making their way to our air market with such difficulty, although in the same Baltic countries, Georgia and Ukraine they have already managed to win their loyal customer, developing passenger flow and opening new directions.

According to preliminary data, the release of Ryanair to the Russian market is postponed to September of the year 2014. Flights are scheduled to be carried out thrice a week. Also, the company "Air Gate of the Northern Capital" is negotiating with EasyJet and the Russian company "Dobrolet", Which involves organizing the flight from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

The Pulkovo Airport is now one of the most dynamic airports in Europe, making flights on 164 destinations and cooperating with 73 airlines, half of which are foreign.

Ryanair is the first low-cost company in Europe, founded in Ireland in 1985. Now she is engaged in passenger transportation in 27 countries of Europe and Africa, slowly gaining more and more popularity. The company's main operating base is located at Stansted Airport in London, but literally every month Ryanair opens a new base, which they number in 65 - at the end of 2013, the Irish began to engage in intra-Italian flights, and also settled in Lisbon, where they managed to double passenger turnover through the purchase of a new aircraft.