“It will be possible to exit if there is a special pass”: the most severe measures have been introduced in Moscow because of the coronavirus

In Moscow, because of the coronavirus, total isolation has been introduced - it is forbidden to leave home.

March 30, residents of the Russian capital are officially forbidden to leave their homes, regardless of age and social status. This, in fact, is about the introduction of total isolation in the capital, as reported by the Russian mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

“The decisions taken by the President and the Government of Russia, the Government of Moscow, had a huge effect on reducing the direct contacts of residents in order to prevent the spread of COVID-2019. Today I signed a decree on additional measures to prevent the large-scale and rapid spread of COVID-2019

Starting tomorrow, the home self-isolation regime is introduced for all residents of Moscow, regardless of age. Leaving the apartment is allowed only in cases:

  • applying for emergency (emergency) medical care and other direct threats to life and health,
  • travel to work if you are required to go to work,
  • Shopping at your nearest existing store or pharmacy
  • walking pets at a distance not exceeding 100 meters from the place of residence (stay),
  • need to take out household garbage.

And in the coming days - after carrying out technical and organizational measures - it will be possible to leave if there is a special passissued in the manner established by the Government of Moscow.

Over the coming week, a smart system of monitoring compliance with the home regime and established rules for the movement of citizens will be deployed. Gradually, but steadily, we will tighten the control necessary in this situation.

Moreover, the home regime does not limit the right of citizens to come to the city or leave Moscow. It's just that you can’t move around the city without good reason. ”- сообщает site of Sergey Sobyanin.

Contrary to the fact that such actions on the part of the authorities qualify as self-isolation, we can talk about harsh forced isolation, especially given the fact that the number of cases in the capital and in Russia as a whole is only increasing.

It is noteworthy that a few days earlier there was information about the issuance of special passes for certain categories of citizens allowing them to move freely, although the information was not confirmed.

Article 55. The Constitution of Russia ... It was not canceled by anyone ...