Airline Azur Air


Departure of "Azur Air" from Burgas was delayed by 8 hours

Passengers «Azur Air» awaited flight to Ekaterinburg from Bourgas more 8 hours.

The previous evening, a passenger airliner of the Azur Air carrier was supposed to fly to Yekaterinburg from Burgas, however, due to a delay in the plane at another airport, the flight was postponed from 21:30 to 5:35 this morning. Representatives of the airline could not explain the reason for such a long delay, however, as the passengers note, the transfer of the flight clearly caused a lot of trouble.

It should be clarified that this month is only the first long delay flights shedule «Azur Air», but given the previous data, it is logical to assume that a delay will occur in the future.


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