Forced suicide


Forced suicide

February 17, 2014. The Ethiopian Airlines plane was hijacked. It is worth paying attention to the fact that one of the pilots of this airliner turned out to be a terrorist. The co-pilot, after waiting for his partner to leave, closed the armored doors that lead to the cockpit of the aircraft and sent the liner to Geneva.

 Recall that Ethiopian Boeing 767-300 Made a flight from Addis Ababa to the capital of Italy - Rome. When the plane was in the airspace of Italy, it was reported to the ground that the aircraft had been captured and was changing its course. Immediately in the air were raised fighters of the Italian Air Force. They accompanied the liner to the final destination.

 It is worth noting that in Geneva, immediately canceled all flights and landings of airliners. They prepared to meet the hijacked aircraft. Special troops were brought to combat readiness. The "siloviki" did not have to interfere in what was happening. This is due to the fact that the co-pilot gave up on his own and explained his action. He asked for political asylum. According to his statement, he is in danger at home. Accordingly, he was forced to do likewise.

 At the moment, he faces up to twenty years in prison. Swiss prosecutors will support the hostage taking charge. The truth is worth noting that the prosecutor's office at the moment, took the side of the accused. Accordingly, there is a possibility that the “grief of a terrorist” will receive a minimum sentence. In addition, there is a possibility that he will be granted political asylum.

The passengers and crew of the plane were not injured. Many passengers did not even know that the plane had been hijacked. At the time of the capture and flight to Geneva, they simply slept and did not notice anything unusual.

 Thus, the co-pilot "Boeing" sought to protect themselves, and was forced to seize the plane and send it to Switzerland. In this original way, the co-pilot of the liner sought to "escape" from the homeland and "settle" in Switzerland.


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