Rocket blast


An Israeli missile missile launched by mistake burst over Israeli citizens. Video

The Israeli missile defense system mistakenly launched a missile defense system that exploded over the heads of the Israelis.

A few hours ago, the Israeli missile defense system launched a missile defense against a phantom target. Having never found a Palestinian rocket, the Israeli anti-missile launched an arc and exploded right above the heads of civilians, as evidenced by the corresponding video.

Judging by the video footage presented, we are talking about the Israeli missile defense system "Iron Dome", which, for unknown reasons, launched an anti-missile, although at that time no Palestinian missiles were seen in the sky, and no alarm signals were heard over the city. Moreover, in the presented video frames, you can see the moment of self-destruction of an anti-missile missile right over the houses of the Israelis.

No information was provided to this effect by the Israel Defense Forces, but there is unconfirmed evidence that several local residents were injured in the rocket explosion. It should be clarified that this afternoon there was information that similar incidents had already been observed, which raises a lot of questions.