Rocket and helicopter


Missile fired by Syrian militants passed next to Russian Mi-8

Protection of the Mi-8 helicopter made it possible to dodge the militants' missiles.

Optoelectronic suppression stations of the L-370 "Vitebsk" family, installed on Russian helicopters, allowed the Russian Aerospace Forces rotorcraft to evade a missile fired by militants from MANPADS - the missile flew a few tens of meters from the Mi-8 helicopter, although the probability of a Russian helicopter being hit by in this case was almost 100%.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the first officially registered case of a Russian "turntable" evading a jihadist missile is dated 2016. In the presented photograph, you can see how the rocket flies just a few tens of meters from the helicopter, trivially deviating, thanks to the used means of optoelectronic suppression of the L-370 "Vitebsk".

Such a case is far from the only one, for the entire time of the Russian military campaign in Syria, which confirms the high efficiency and prospects of using such systems.

It is noteworthy that less than a year ago, something similar was observed during the conflict between Turkey and Syria, in particular, the Middle East resources reported that the militants' missiles simply missed the Syrian army helicopters, although it is currently unknown whether Russian airborne defense systems are being installed. on the Syrian rotorcraft.