A missile fired by the Ukrainian military went into a tailspin and fell on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A Ukrainian rocket accidentally hit its own positions.

The Ukrainian military released video footage of an accidental missile strike on their own positions. As it became known, during an attempt to hit a certain air target (and we are probably talking about repelling a missile attack on one of the areas), the missile fired by the complex went into a vertical tailspin and struck its own positions.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the Ukrainian Buk anti-aircraft missile system of an unidentified modification launches two missiles. The launch of the first rocket is proceeding normally. However, the rocket fired next unexpectedly fails and flies upward along a spiral trajectory. A few seconds later, the rocket engine is turned off and the latter falls on the positions of the Ukrainian military. By a happy coincidence, the rocket that fell on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not detonate, however, this fact indicates that the air defense systems available to Ukraine are no longer suitable for their use and can be extremely dangerous.

At the same time, an unsuccessful launch of another rocket appeared earlier. The latter, for unknown reasons, after capturing the target, unexpectedly turned around and hit its own positions - as a result of a powerful explosion, the mobile launcher was destroyed, however, there are no details about other damage, casualties and victims by the current hour.