Iran-fired ballistic missiles crash near U.S. Navy ships

Iran has launched cruise and ballistic missiles towards the American fleet.

The American fleet, still off the coast of Iran, came under rocket fire from the Iranian borders the day before. According to Fox News, at least a dozen Iranian missiles were fired in the direction of the US Navy ships, which the Pentagon views as an attempt at aggression, although there was no real damage to the American ships, as the missiles fell into the water, about 80 100 nautical miles, however, taking into account the flight speed, the defeat of the ships could occur in just a few minutes.

It is reported that the greatest danger was one of the missiles that fell just 22 nautical miles from a civilian vessel, however, the TV channel clarifies that the US military did not know that cruise and ballistic missiles were flying in their direction, which indicates that that the American navy was simply not ready to repulse such attacks.

Earlier, the resource published unique video footage of large-scale launches of cruise and ballistic missiles from Iran - according to Iranian sources, about a hundred missiles were fired in total - they did not pose a real threat, since the launches themselves were carried out as part of the planned military exercises.

Only on this resource the distance is 160 km. called "next" ...

Amers are true to themselves. When they plow near the borders of the Russian Federation, this is normal. As rockets fall 100 km away from them, then "Help, rob!"