Precision strike by Russian Krasnopol in Syria killed terrorists hiding behind residential buildings

A high-precision strike by the Russian "Krasnopol" made it possible to destroy the Turkish terrorists who were hiding behind civilians.

Pro-Turkish militants tried to cover their forces and equipment with houses of civilians in the area of ​​the Kukfin settlement in the south of Idlib, however, the Russian side successfully used Krasnopol ammunition. As a result, a large group of militants and military equipment were destroyed in the complete absence of any damage to the civilian population.

According to Syrian sources, terrorists in southern Idlib are trying to hold their ground by covering up equipment and arming civilians' houses. This makes the use of military aircraft and artillery strikes impossible due to the risks of very serious destruction. Nevertheless, a high-precision strike by Krasnopol ammunition was sent right on target, as a result of which a group of militants was destroyed, and the civilian population did not suffer.

Initially, it was assumed that the forces of the Syrian army were behind the strikes, however, there are no 152-mm in service with Syria. ammunition "Krasnopol", although they are actively used by the Iranian army. Nevertheless, in this direction the Iranian forces have a rather limited presence, in connection with which strikes could only be made by the Russian military.

A few days ago, Krasnopol ammunition was used to eliminate the leader of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group, the largest terrorist group in Syria (banned in Russia - ed.), - the deviation of the strike from the target was no more than one and a half meters and was captured on video ...

So, find out ours, as if they hit in the eye, and did not spoil the skin!