RPG shot


Point-blank RPG shot: unique video footage of the frontline collision

A Yemeni rebel attacked the Saudis with an RPG almost point-blank.

At the disposal of the news agency Avia.pro were unique video footage, which, according to the Twitter account “Last Defender”, shows a Yemeni rebel firing almost point-blank from a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher at the enemy's cover. Husit, apparently, decided to further complicate his task, since the RPG is fired with raised arms, i.e., the fire was fired without aiming.

On the video footage presented, you can see the moment of the clash between the Houthis and the military from Saudi Arabia (according to other sources - the government forces of Yemen - ed.). Initially, indiscriminate fire from a machine gun is conducted at the enemy's positions, however, after the enemy could not be smoked out of cover, the Yemeni rebel takes an RPG and shoots almost at point-blank range from high arms.

On social networks, they reacted quite violently to such actions of the Houthi:

"When they gave you a weapon, but didn't teach you how to use it"

"One can only envy his luck, but probably he himself did not expect such an effect."

"In this battle, seconds were decisive, and the rebels were ahead of their opponent."

According to some information that Avia.pro managed to find out, the video was filmed a little over a year ago.