The challenge of Russia? The French Rafale easily repeated the maneuver of the Russian Su-30СМ. Video

The French fighter Rafale showed flight at a critically low speed.

A few days ago, the Russian Su-30СМ fighter demonstrated flying at a speed of only 80 km / h, which seemed almost impossible, however, as it turned out, the French pilots challenged the Russian combat aircraft, repeating the trick with flying at a critically low speed.

On the presented video frames you can see that the Rafale fighter flies at a speed of less than 100 kilometers per hour (specialists could not determine the exact speed - approx. Ed.), Moreover, a very long period of time. According to analysts, this is a kind of challenge to the Russian combat aircraft, which managed to fly at the speed of a motorcycle.

It should be clarified that before the French fighter was not seen flying at ultra low speed, however, according to experts, this alone does not allow comparing the French Rafale with Russian combat aircraft, since even Western experts estimate that today in Europe there are simply no fighters capable of comparing in terms of flight and combat capabilities with the Russian Su-30СМ aircraft.

according to the presented video, the “rafal” easily fulfills the generally accepted set of aerobatics elements. I don’t observe the “Cobra Pugachev” figure with ease repeating. At smaller angles, the pitch indicated on the F-15 will be another aerobatics.

Just a plane

Machines of different classes, Dassault Rafale 15 tons of take-off weight, SU-30СМ 25 tons, when compared with normal take-off weight, respectively, and stall speeds are different.

nonsense is everything, an example of the proper fight against enemy aircraft was shown by the nonsimbles of 22 on June 1941 of the year! we should not forget this lesson of sanity and engage in knightly fights with the enemy! it costs too much! non-standard techniques and rationality of thinking! therefore keep the world the most reasonable! but unfortunately then it is required to spend a lot of money while maintaining combat readiness! what do we have as a result? the circle is closed!

What is different and similar primitive fanatic of different orientations from each other?
- And nothing! It is more appropriate to speak of their uniformity than of difference. After all, it is said in the material, which reception was repeated by the Frenchman ....
In this video, interest, more, causes an incomprehensible object that crosses the screen field from the bottom up with 40 seconds of shooting.

This (rafal) is a finger, not an X with a player and some other letter.

It’s better to read what American test pilots write about the Cobra. And do not engage in nonsense: "the angle of attack was smaller." That's the whole point!

Firstly, they compare Rafal with the Su-30, and not with the Su-57.
Secondly, a flat corkscrew for almost any modern FIGHTER is not a problem at all. Absolutely.

Emperor, you are right - all-saltmen are capable of performing a flat corkscrew. Only 57 has a drawback: it comes out of this corkscrew at any moment and at any height. Probably due to poor aerodynamics. But everyone else plays a flat corkscrew perfectly - to the ground and, often, with a pilot on board.

Repeated for Russians this is the main word, if he could repeat

For "smarts" it is necessary to have it, but in harvards they train only for nuclear fuel, typhus. The great RUSSIAN scientist proved this, but the wretched were stupider than dogs of all nationalities.

Something I did not see him make a flat corkscrew. So where did he go to Su-57.

Before writing and getting clever, I advise you to read the aerodynamics and familiarize yourself with the section of aircraft thrust-to-weight ratio and handling - this is even clear to the horse

Oh my God compared the iron and Su-35. Have you seen how it fell like an autumn leaf? ...

In most cases, technical equipment is just an application to the skill of a pilot. On single-engine motors they perform incredible things. Someone will say that the aerodynamics are different, but there is a Yak - 130, which simulates piloting almost all armed vehicles without a variable thrust vector and wing geometry. All these flypapers, such as a flat corkscrew, for military use, for the most part, do not have and can be performed on any machine. As Deinekin said, at one time: "Maintaining prestige"

In the 15 years, f-70 was performing a figure, for some reason called Pugachev's cobra. True, the angle was smaller.

Not tired of lying? The Russian fighter has engines with an all-perspective change in the thrust vector - therefore it is super-maneuverable, unlike Rafal ...
Do not write nonsense !!!



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