The mine blew up in a Russian armored car in Syria, turned out to be Turkish

A mine that exploded on the way of the Russian military in the north of Syria turned out to be Turkish.

Social networks disseminate information that the mine exploded in the path of the Russian military belonged to the Turkish military. At the moment, there is no evidence of this, however, experts pay attention to indirect evidence that Turkish troops and militants supported by Ankara could have been behind the attack.

“The Turkish side is interested in the situation in the north of Syria being tense enough, since this gives Turkey the opportunity to continue to occupy the territory of the Arab Republic, referring to the“ terror ”of the Kurdish armed forces. The militants could lay a mine with a blasting device only subject to agreement with Ankara, since the Turkish armored car could also be blown up in the same mine. ”- the analyst argues.

It should be clarified that as a result of the attack on the Russian military, three soldiers were injured, while the victims were avoided (the initial data on the death of one soldier do not correspond to reality - approx. Ed.)

There are no official comments from the Russian military command in Syria yet.