A drone that exploded in the Tula region was carrying a 100-kilogram aerial bomb

A 15-meter crater was found at the site of the drone explosion near Tula, and the radius of the bomb was 500 meters.

The drone strike was carried out from the Kharkiv region. At the same time, the drone flew at least 450 kilometers, about 400 of which were over the territory of Russia. As a result of a drone explosion in the territory of the settlement of Kireevsk, at least three local residents were injured (initially, two were injured - editor's note), who required medical assistance. The explosion itself was so strong that the striking elements of the ammunition could be found within a radius of 500 meters.

A crater with an approximate diameter of about 15 meters was found at the site of the drone explosion in Kireevsk, while its depth is about 7-8 meters.

Information about the destruction and damage to the infrastructure of the settlement and residential buildings is currently being specified. However, judging by the video footage from the scene, both private houses and multi-apartment residential buildings were damaged.

An unmanned aerial vehicle exploded just 30 kilometers from Tula, however, it has not yet been specified where exactly the drone, stuffed with a 100-kilogram bomb, was heading.


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