Drone explosion in the Tula region damaged 12 houses within a radius of 200 meters

A drone explosion on the territory of Kireevsk damaged and destroyed 12 residential buildings.

The drone was equipped with a FAB-100-120 high-explosive aerial bomb, as a result of which the explosion turned out to be extremely powerful. One of the buildings located on the territory of Kireevsk turned out to be almost completely destroyed, since it was here that the unmanned aerial vehicle itself fell.

At the moment, it is known that as a result of an explosion of an unmanned aerial vehicle in the Tula region, three people were injured. Their health and lives are not threatened at night, however, experts call it luck that there are so few victims, since the drone could well fall on apartment buildings, which would lead to dozens of victims and victims.

It is known that Kireevsk was not the ultimate target of the attack by the Ukrainian military - according to the Ministry of Defense, the drone fell due to the impact on its navigation systems of electronic warfare. In particular, we are talking about the use of the Pole-21 electronic warfare complex.

It should be noted that the drone fell at a distance of 390 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, however, the ultimate goal of the drone remains unknown.


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