Explosion in Kursk: Ukrainian drone attacked the airfield

The explosion thundered on the territory of the airfield, 400 meters from the aircraft parking.

The Ukrainian military continued to attack Russian airfields tonight. After explosions at military airfields in Saratov and Ryazan, the drone also attacked the airfield in Kursk. The attack took place on an oil reservoir located approximately 400 meters from the aircraft parking area, which caused a severe fire.

At the moment, the sky over Kursk and the Kursk region is almost completely covered with thick black smoke. The presence of a danger to the civilian population has not yet been reported, however, the fire turned out to be extremely serious. Judging by a number of video frames, tragic consequences were avoided, however, the explosion occurred only a few hundred meters from the aircraft parking lot, although there is no data on the presence of the latter yet.

In the video of the fire and explosion at the airfield in Kursk, you can see that the fire is extremely serious. So far, there is no information about the localization of the fire, however, judging by the video footage, the equipment at the airfield in Kursk was not damaged.

With the use of which particular drone the attack was carried out is unknown, however, the airfield itself is located approximately 100 kilometers from the nearest section of the border with Ukraine.


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