Nenox explosion: authorities began evacuating radioactive pontoons

Evacuation in Nenoks began a month after the explosion.

According to Newsru, at the site of the explosion in Nyonoks, work began on the evacuation, dismantling and disposal of the pontoons, next to which a powerful explosion took place that claimed the lives of several experts. Work on the site began only a month later, which causes a lot of questions from experts.

“A set of measures has been developed, which includes, firstly, dismantling and removal for the disposal of technological equipment, and secondly, agrounding and transportation for disposal of the pontoons themselves”, - quotes the words of the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov edition.

Earlier, Belomorkanal’s journalists found that at the location of the pontoons the background radiation level was almost 38 times normal, which naturally poses a great danger to the lives of ordinary citizens, however, according to authorities, there is no danger, which raises doubts it was found that the emission of radiation into the atmosphere was still, albeit rather short-lived.

It should be clarified that Western experts are inclined to believe that the 9М730 “Petrel” cruise missile exploded off the coast of Nenoksa, but this version is doubtful by Russian experts.