Ship explosion


Explosion in the South China Sea: US ships almost went down due to an unknown nuclear explosion

China nearly drowned American ships with a nuclear explosion in the South China Sea.

The mysterious explosion in the South China Sea still raises a lot of questions from experts. What exploded in the South China Sea is still unknown. Nevertheless, despite the emergence of the version that it was about the explosion of a Chinese nuclear submarine, a new version appeared - China tried to drown American warships, which approached the territorial waters of the PRC for provocations.

This version is partially confirmed by information published by the Telegram-operational line community, reporting that it is in the area of ​​Spratly Island.

“After an almost two-month hiatus, US Navy resumed trolling China in the South China Sea near the disputed islands and atolls that it arbitrarily captured. On November 20, the corvette of the near sea zone USS GABRIELLE GIFFORDS LCS10 proudly and brazenly walked inside the 12-mile zone of the "territorial" waters of China around Mischief Reef atoll, and on November 21 the USS WAYNE E. MEYER DDG108 missile destroyer did the same thing near Paras Island, - reports the "Operational line".

It should be clarified that as a result of an unknown explosion with a power of 10-20 kilotons of TNT, there was an emission of radioactive particles that were detected hundreds of kilometers from the site of the explosion, which causes serious concern.

Official Beijing has not yet commented on the incident.