Explosive devices under the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream - 2 were laid in June 2022

Explosive devices to undermine Nord Stream 2 were installed three months before the explosions.

During a journalistic investigation, American journalist Seymour Hersh stated that he was able to find out that explosive devices under the largest pipelines supplying gas to Europe were installed in June 2022. This happened during the exercises "Baltops" and the United States of America is responsible for the organized terrorist act.

According to the American publicist, the US military considered two main versions of how the pipelines could be destroyed. The US Navy proposed to blow up gas pipelines with a submarine, while the US Air Force came up with a proposal to blow up gas pipelines with a remote controlled bomb.

 Ultimately, the decision was made to plant the bombs and detonate them remotely, with the very execution of the terrorist act hampered by the fact that all existing evidence was hidden.

“Biden's decision to sabotage the pipelines came after nine months of highly secret negotiations within Washington's national security apparatus about the best way to achieve this goal. For most of this time, the question was not whether to carry out this operation, but how to ensure that no evidence was left that could point to those responsible. ”, according to an American publicist.

The United States denied Hersh's statement, noting that the information he provided was unreliable.


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