Explosions in Khmelnitsky region: Infrastructure damaged

In the Khmelnitsky region of Ukraine, infrastructure was damaged as a result of explosions. The mayor of Khmelnitsky, Alexander Simchishin, reported on the event on his Telegram channel, clarifying that the damage occurred after the work of air defense forces in the region. The Ukrainian publication Zerkalo Nedeli also reported on the explosions that occurred earlier on Sunday.

In the context of ongoing attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, Simchyshyn noted:

"Air defense forces were working. As a result of the attack, infrastructure was damaged."

Explosions on the territory of Starokonstantinov

According to journalists, we are talking about explosions in the area of ​​the Starokonstantinov airfield.

These strikes are part of a wider campaign that began on October 10, 2022, following the Crimean Bridge incident, which Russian authorities attribute to Ukrainian intelligence services. Since then, attacks on energy, defense industry, military command and communications facilities have become regular, causing daily air raids in different regions of Ukraine.


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