Israel vs Russia


Walla: Israel handed over to dozens of countries "intelligence dossier" on the supply of weapons from Iran to Russia

Israel intends to achieve the imposition of sanctions against Iran and Russia.

If earlier the Israeli authorities tried not to take such steps, intending to abandon the deterioration of relations with Russia, now it has become known that Israel has launched a large-scale diplomatic campaign against the Russian Federation and Iran.

According to the Israeli publication Walla!, Israel has handed over to dozens of countries an "intelligence dossier" on the supply of weapons from Iran to Russia. The information was passed on to Israeli embassies and consulates in order to further disseminate this information among the governments of the countries, for subsequent pressure on Iran and Russia.

“The diplomatic intelligence action that began last month represents a change in Israel's behavior towards Iran. Previously, Israel was unlikely to act actively in this matter in order to avoid tensions with Russia. Israel wants to use Iranian aid to Russia to increase pressure on Tehran. In recent weeks, Israel has passed intelligence on arms shipments from Iran to Russia to dozens of countries and international organizations in an attempt to mobilize more countries around the world to put pressure on the regime in Tehran.”, according to an Israeli publication Walla!.

We are talking about drones delivered to Russia, which were previously reported by the head of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which Israel probably tried to use for its own purposes.

Such actions on the part of Jerusalem will seriously worsen relations between Israel and Russia, in connection with which Moscow's retaliatory actions against Jerusalem are not ruled out, especially given that Israel wants to operate freely in Syria.


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