Tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Belgorod region
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Tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Belgorod region


WarGonzo: Ukrainian Armed Forces tanks tried to find a weak spot on the Belgorod border

On the border of the Belgorod region, the situation remains tense due to the ongoing attempts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) to break through Russian defenses. The peak activity of Ukrainian attacks occurred at the end of February and the beginning of March of this year, when the enemy was actively looking for vulnerabilities in defensive lines. This information is provided by the WarGonzo project in its Telegram channel.

As stated in the report, during one of these operations, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted an attack using two tanks. According to the artillery crew commander with the call sign “Verba,” the first enemy tank was immediately destroyed when it exploded in a minefield laid by the Russian military as a precautionary measure. The second tank, which tried to break through the border, was hit using a Lancet drone, which once again confirmed the effectiveness of this type of weapon in modern warfare.

In addition, the Verba commander shared information about the significant successes of Russian artillerymen, including the destruction of an Ukrainian Armed Forces tank directly on enemy territory and the liquidation of an ammunition depot.


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