The Washington Post: Dozens of US troops injured in Iran strike

Washington tried to hide the aftermath of Iran’s missile strike.

According to the American publication The Washington Post, an Iranian ballistic missile strike at Al-Assad’s US military airbase has had very serious consequences for several dozen military personnel. The dead were indeed avoided, however, several dozen American troops received serious injuries and injuries.

“Last week, as a result of a rocket attack on the Ain Assad air base in western Iraq, deep craters formed, residential premises and the helicopter landing site were destroyed. At least two soldiers were thrown out of the window by a blast wave, and several dozen U.S. troops were injured and had a concussion as a result of rocket attacks, military officials said at the base. The blows were especially dangerous because they came in waves, with an interval of up to 15 minutes each. During these intervals, the rapid reaction forces repeatedly tried to advance to the sites of the explosions in order to evaluate the results of the strikes and find colleagues ”- сообщает edition.

It should be clarified that information about the wounds of several dozen American troops was originally declared by Iraqi sources, while it was reported that the wounded were transported to Israel. Nevertheless, given the fact that the Pentagon decided to hide the number of victims, this indicates the fact that Iran was able to find an effective fight strategy, and, obviously, ballistic missiles were still not seen by American missile defense systems.