WSJ: Some Iranian missiles did not reach Israel or exploded

Recent data shows that approximately half of Iran's ballistic missiles either exploded on launch or failed to reach their targets in Israel. The remainder of Iran's missile arsenal aimed at Israel was intercepted by Israeli, US and other coalition forces, including Britain, France and Jordan. According to reports, 99% of Iranian weapons aimed at Israel were successfully intercepted. This data is provided by the Wall Street Journal.

It is known that some of the Iranian ballistic and cruise missiles fell on the territory of the Islamic Republic itself, while another part fell on the territory of Iraq and Jordan. These data are confirmed by several photographs from the field, however, in Tehran they prefer not to comment on such information.

Earlier, journalists reported that Iran warned Israel of its intentions to launch the next retaliatory strike with more than a thousand ballistic missiles. The strike will follow if Israel launches an attack against the Islamic Republic.


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