“I apologize”: The famous blogger “Fighterbomber” admitted that he came up with a fake about the executed pilot

In Voronezh, discussions continue about information about an alleged shooting that resulted in a military pilot with the call sign “Bes” being seriously wounded. Reports about this incident appeared on the Fighterbomber Telegram channel, where it was stated that the pilot allegedly shielded the children with himself during the shooting and subsequently died in the hospital.

However, the government of the Voronezh region denied information about the shooting and injury of the pilot. Moreover, the authorities clarified that the military university has no information about such an employee as Bestuzhev-Ryumin, who is mentioned in the messages, and law enforcement officers also do not confirm information about the incident.

Despite official denials, the Fighterbomber Telegram channel continued to insist on its version of events, claiming that the pilot's funeral would take place on December 11 and that he was left behind three orphans.

A representative of the Voronezh mayor's office, Nikita Chebotarev, spoke out on this matter, saying that there are no funerals planned for a person with the surname Bestuzhev-Ryumin in the city cemeteries in the coming days and that the administration has not received any relevant requests.

However, later the blogger himself admitted that the information he was disseminating was an outright fake, having come up with some even more confusing story.

“Having taken representatives of the regional administration, representatives of law enforcement agencies, we met with a relative... The woman came up with everything. From start to finish. The whole story with all the details. There is no "Demon". And I misled my friend for a day. He - me, and I, accordingly, you. I apologize to the government of the Voronezh region, to the law enforcement officers who stood on their ears for days, looking for the Demon. If necessary, I will answer for my words and actions.”, - reported the Telegram channel.

Experts do not rule out that against the backdrop of such obvious misrepresentation, the blogger may come under inspection by the competent authorities.


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