Nuclear strike


"Nuclear devastation": Russia got a chance to launch a nuclear strike from anywhere in the world in seconds

Russian tactical missile systems will strike with just the touch of a button.

Until recently, coordinating the actions of the Russian military in delivering a massive nuclear strike required a serious investment of time, but now Russian tactical nuclear weapons are capable of attacking their targets from anywhere in the world and it will take a few minutes if not seconds.

The experts made a similar conclusion after it became known that the Iskander operational-tactical missile systems, the warheads of which could be equipped with nuclear weapons, were connected to the "military Internet"

Russian Iskander missile systems connected to the military Internet. This will allow the calculation of the installation to receive a finished flight task in real time and in a minute be ready to attack the target. The order can be given both from the front line and from the National Defense Management Center in Moscow ”- reports the publication "Izvestia".

According to experts, this greatly expands the ability of the Russian military to respond to any threat.

“Already, OTRK Iskander have the coordinates of their main targets within the radius of their defeat. In fact, it is only necessary either to choose a target or to correct its new position and by conventional pressing of one button the missiles will fly towards it ”, - said the expert

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Konstantin! I completely agree with you. For a tactical missile system is a close-range weapon (it strikes the enemy’s forces at the front and the nearest rear) and carries a low-power charge in TNT equivalent, the power of which does not exceed several kilotons. So no talk about target destruction It cannot go from any corner of the earth. For example, the difference between the OTRK Iskander and the RS-24 Yars is significant in some respects.

Dear Konstantin, for an hour you did not try to understand the essence of the text -? Your comment resembles that of a couch expert. All the best.

Well that's all, I'm practically happy. Now life in the country will get better right away

... the author, understand what tactical delivery vehicles are and STRATEGIC, and when you try to print something in the media, you need to know and understand what you are writing about ... TACTICAL complexes are simply physically unable to reach targets from ANY corner of the globe , even STRATEGIC delivery vehicles for this, far from all are capable ... I would even say almost, and NO SUCH ...